There are ways to make simple changes to help someone improve. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge. Maybe they like to try new things and they’re inclined to learn and grow already. Or maybe they want to have new experiences but aren’t sure which way to turn. By giving these gifts, you’re telling them that you know they have potential and you want them to succeed.


  1. Comfy clothes -- A soft inspirational tee or a stylish tank from Daisy-Bella can be a great gift that reminds your friend of just how awesome they are every time they wear it!

  2. Zen garden -- A desktop zen garden brings a little Eastern peace into your home or office. When the guy in the next cubicle is getting on your nerves, the zen garden can help. Meditation has proven benefits and a little gift like this is a good reminder to keep up the practice. They may be meditation-curious, or they may have never thought to try it.

  3. Planner -- There are some productivity gurus who insist that keeping an analog calendar and day minder is the key to getting everything done. And in addition to helping you stay organized, ZenBusiness notes keeping a work diary or planner can help highlight successes, process and correct mistakes, ideate and innovate, relieve stress and more. Gift the old-fashioned method with a day planner. They can start the day by listing all of the things they have to do and check them off as they get things done.

  4. Workout equipment -- weights, resistance bands, healthy cookbooks. If they’ve already got the equipment they could probably use a new set of headphones. Music can really help you get in the zone when working out and the right headset can get them there. Whatever their fitness level, most of us could use improvement. You’re saying you know they can do it and you’re rooting for them. After all, a home gym can always use something else and that stuff adds up.

  5. Meal delivery service -- Meal kits are all the rage right now. They pick out the meals, including vegetarian and vegan options, and have fresh ingredients delivered right to their home with easy instructions on recipe cards. They’ll pick up new tricks in the kitchen and if they’re dating someone it’s a great cheap date. Cooking together is a good way to bond and to get to know someone. There are several meal kit services to choose from, so check the benefits of each. Soon, they’ll be serving up fresh, gourmet meals.

  6. Coloring books -- The adult coloring book craze is still going strong, and for good reason -- it’s a great way to calm the mind while unleashing creativity. Pick out a few coloring books and colored pencils. CNN notes that it’s a nice, meditative practice to help ease anxiety and stress, especially for anyone not very good at visual art. If they go outside the lines, it’s perfectly OK.

  7. Life and career coaching -- Chopra explains that a life coach is kind of like a therapist, but much easier. You don’t have to pour out all of your childhood memories, and you don’t have to go visit an office once a week. A life coach will help them reach whatever goals they want to achieve, including better control of finances, getting fit, changing careers, and more. Life coaches can often meet at a coffee shop, coach over the phone, or via video chat.

     8.  Relaxation items -- When you’re focused on self-improvement, it can be easy to forget to find time to relax. Give your friend bath and body products to help with that. From lip balm to a sugar scrub to massage oil, you can give the gift of a little zen and aromatherapy.


A gift that encourages learning new skills is a way of saying “I know you can.” You’re showing you have confidence in their potential and you are excited to see them grow.


 Written by Tina Martin from ideaspired