Get ready to start living your best life! By prioritizing your health and wellbeing, you will see noticeable improvements in all aspects of your life. Our activity level not only adds to our physical strength, it also fortifies our emotional wellbeing. Our overall wellbeing, as women, should be first and foremost before taking care of others. Without health, confidence, and ultimately self-esteem, we cannot give the ones we care about the best version of ourselves. The great news is you can kick out those bad habits today, and choose to put forth your best!

First things first, ladies, I want to ensure you that fitness and health is not determined by the size you wear. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. With that in mind, this article was designed to encourage YOU to live YOUR BEST LIFE.

We as women must learn to love ourselves and take care to find balance when life gets stress-y. When we do not take the appropriate time for self-care, we are denying our body the chance to recharge and refuel.  Making your overall health and fitness a priority will also empower the women around you to do the same. This article will motivate you to chase your goals in life and improve your mood by strengthening your body, mind and self-esteem!

Why is Fitness Empowering for Women?

Scientific research has proven, when we exercise our body releases a surge of dopamine and endorphins. This surge is temporary. However, when part of your weekly or daily routine, you will start to see and feel improvements in your overall emotional and physical wellbeing.



 Empowering Fitness Benefits for Women

1.     Look Good, Feel Good

  • When we exercise, we bump up our body’s natural production of endorphins, a feel-good transmitter in the brain. This euphoric feeling commonly referred to as ‘runner’s high’ can be achieved with any aerobic activity like dancing, taking a nice nature hike, or any activity that gets your heart pumping and active.

·         Evidence shows that regular exercise can increase your overall self-confidence, improve your mood and help women generally feel more relaxed.

·         The mood boosting effects are even strong enough to lower mild symptoms of depression and anxiety in women.

·         By exercising more often, you will find it much easier to get your beauty rest each night, which is often disturbed by our daily worries and burdens.

·          Moderate activity levels can provide antioxidant protection while promoting blood flow, which is essential to fighting off the early signs of aging.

·          Women who exercise feel empowered to  take on the world each day.

2.     Improved Women’s Health

  • Not only does exercise support a healthy weight, it can also increase your metabolism, and maintain muscle mass.
  • Your physical activity level now also effects your bone health Regular exercise increases bone strength and helps prevent osteoporosis, a common diagnosis among older women.
  • Engaging in physical activity can improve energy levels, as well. This is even true for women who experience persistent fatigue or those suffering from serious illness.
  • Regular exercise can lead to improved blood flow to the brain. This helps regulate cognitive functions and memory as well as protect mental functions especially in older women.
  • Exercise has shown positive results associated with pain from various conditions. In some cases, women see a significant increase in their pain tolerance with regular exercise.
  • Your commitment to exercising daily can reduce the risk of new or worsening chronic diseases among women.

3.     Enhanced Sex Life

  • Exercise is proven to increase the sex drive and increase the frequency of achieved orgasms in women. Women typically observe this improvement when they incorporate more strenuous exercise like running, or weight training into their lifestyles.
  • Engaging in regular exercise can help strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation and enhance overall flexibility, all of which are necessary to enhance your sex life.
  • Studies have even demonstrated an increased sex drive in women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder that can disrupt the natural sex drive in women. Typically, women suffering with PCOS saw an increase in their sex drive after regular use of resistance training exercises after only 16 weeks.

5. Achieve Weight Loss Goals

  • Some studies have shown that inactivity over time is a major contribution to women’s weight gain and obesity rates.
  • Beware of dieting alone. A reduced calorie intake can actually lower your metabolic rate, which in turn delays your weight loss. Regular exercise can increase your metabolic rate, which helps you burn more calories and ultimately meet your weight loss goals.
  • Combining aerobic exercises and resistance training is a great way to maximize fat loss and maintain muscle mass.

6. Fitness Empowers Like-Minded Women

  • By reaching for your personal goals, you will inspire women in your life to do the same. There are women everywhere we can admire and look up to for pushing the boundaries and blazing a trail for us to live our best lives. By watching other women achieve and strive for their own personal progress, we ourselves become motivated to find our own success.
  • Gain respect from others around by going after the fitness goals you desire. By setting and accomplishing your goals, others will notice the differences in your life. This creates a sense of admiration and provides inspiration to the women in your life to reach for their goals as well.



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Women who regularly exercise see improvements in nearly all aspects of their life. When are you going to start putting your goals first and start seeing these benefits for yourself? This enhanced version of yourself will enable you to live with purpose and confidence no matter what life throws your way. Not only will this decision to focus on your personal fitness goals inspire others to set goals in life but it will also empower them to achieve those goals. Empowering women to be the best versions of themselves is an admirable quality that definitely needs to make a come back!