Even confident people experience some moments of low self-esteem. If you struggle with believing in yourself, take steps to improve your confidence. Being confident helps you achieve goals and live life to the fullest. These tips from Daisy-Bella can help you reclaim your self-confidence.

Start Exercising

Regular exercise improves your body's physical condition, which ensures you feel comfortable and confident. It ramps up endorphins, which give you a more positive, happier attitude. Aim for 150 minutes or more of moderate aerobic exercise weekly, plus strength training at least twice weekly.

Improve Your Diet

What you put in your mouth can affect your attitude and confidence. Healthy foods nourish and energize your body, which makes you feel better overall. They help you stay in optimal physical condition, which can increase your confidence in your appearance. Enjoy mood-boosting foods like chocolate, blueberries, yogurt, and green tea to improve your outlook.

Find a Supportive Circle

If you're surrounded by negativity, it's difficult to feel confident in yourself. Seek friendships with positive, confident, supportive people. Friends who believe in you and support you make it easier to feel good about yourself.

Consider a Career Change

An edX survey showed that 29% of participants moved to a new field after starting their first job. Making a career switch can create a more positive job experience to grow your confidence. Taking on new challenges and experiencing success in the new role can improve your self-esteem.

Relax More

High stress levels can lower confidence. The effects of stress include anxiety, decreased motivation, anger, social withdrawal, and depression. It's not easy to feel confident in yourself when you experience those negative emotions. Learn how to relax by doing things you enjoy, practicing breathing techniques, engaging in yoga, and setting boundaries.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Silence negative self-talk and replace it with positive words to yourself. It's easy to slip into negative thought patterns that erode your confidence. You can start to believe those subconscious ideas that tell you you're not worthy. Recognize negative thoughts and say something positive to yourself instead.

Refresh Your Home

There’s something about a clean, organized living space that just makes you feel put together. It also makes you less stressed. To achieve this, take time to clean and declutter, raise the blinds, buy some new houseplants and invest in some new lighting. Take it a step further and address your home’s air quality to remove particulates that can affect your physical and mental health. Replace old air filters, add an air purifier, and if you use your fireplace, have your chimney cleaned. Not a DIY task whatsoever, this is best left to a pro, and you can find local chimney sweeps with top ratings through sites like Angi.

Get Good Sleep

Settle in for at least 7 hours of sleep per night to feel rested and confident. Lack of sleep can leave you groggy, unfocused, and performing poorly. These feelings can hurt your self-esteem because they interfere with your achievements.

Find Work-Life Balance

Feeling overworked can cause you to be cranky and tired. Keep stress in check by stepping away from difficult situations and going for walks to clear your mind. Taking all your available vacation days gives you a mental break. If possible, work remotely sometimes to eliminate distractions and feel relaxed. Be sure to also set boundaries with coworkers and avoid extra work outside paid hours.

Improve Your Confidence Now

Don't wait to work on your confidence. Find ways to overcome your biggest insecurities to thrive and live your best life.


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