Do your Sundays get bogged down by stress over the upcoming week? Then you’re probably no stranger to the Sunday Scaries! If you’re completely over facing the Sunday Scaries every week, it’s time to change up your weekend routines. Between using essential oils to chill out, making time for yoga, and doing some speedy house cleaning, these resources from Daisy-Bella will help you address your Sunday Scaries.  


Care for Your Mental Health 


If you tend to feel low on Sundays, you’ll want to take steps to prioritize your mental health on the weekends.   


  • Step away from anything that’s stressing you out and learn to let go of your anxieties through meditation.  
  • Using essential oils like ylang-ylang in a diffuser or as a body care product can help ease your tension. 
  • Even if you’ve never tried yoga before, these simple poses are perfectly suited for beginners. 
  • Gather more positive vibes through a series of affirmations. Find a handful that speak to you, and use them often.


Diet and Exercise 


Focusing on eating a healthy diet and moving your body will help you feel great on Sunday! 


  • Even if you don’t like going to the gym on the weekends, you can still move your body with these fun ideas.
  • If you enjoy listening to music while you work out, the right pair of headphones will improve your fitness experience. 
  • Instead of snacking on sugary or salty foods, choose these nutritious options
  • Want to stock your fridge with meals for the week? Check out this guide to meal prepping! 


Organize Your House 


Does your home get messier and messier as the weekend goes on? Use Sunday as an opportunity to clean it up.  


  • Clear any clutter or trash out of your car before your Monday morning commute.  
  • Make sure that your bathroom is sparkling clean by Sunday evening. 
  • Cleaning up your kitchen doesn’t have to take hours — you can spruce it up in just a few minutes! 


The Sunday Scaries can bring you down after a great weekend. If you think of Sunday as your least favorite day of the week, you can start making changes to banish the Sunday Scaries. By centering your Sunday schedule around caring for your mind, body, and home, you’ll boost your mood and wellbeing before Monday.  


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