We + Feminine Energy

Daisy-Bella’s mission is to help women

realize their inner strength + beauty with

free-spirited styles that inspire confidence.

Daisy-Bella wants to instill faith in you,

that who you are is your superpower.

So happy you're here! Find your inspiration in our ethically made apparel!

Daisy-Bella is passionate about supporting women wherever they are. We hope to inspire confidence and remind you of the beautiful woman that you are from the outside in.

In turn, your purchase will be paid forward to support another woman in need.
Daisy-Bella is a community of women supporting women.

We are all one.

10% of profits go to women in need.

As a woman-owned and woman-led business, we actively collaborate with various charities to help women in need across the country. Also, our products are ethically-made, sweat-shop free, eco-friendly, and produced in the USA.

As of now, the charities we work with are Ready to
Empower, FIRP (Liberation Programs), Inspirica, Comfort Cases and Girls, Inc.

Shop Comfort & Be Inspired to be the Beautiful Bella that you are.