EMPOWER as you are

Our mission is to empower women through fashion & words.

We believe you are perfect right now. You Are Enough.

Shop ethically made apparel.

Our brand is inspired by women who are looking to feel good in what they wear - whether that means finding comfort in cozy layers, feeling empowered when they look in the mirror or simply having an inspirational message on their shirt.

Our products are made with love and printed in Connecticut - Eco-friendly process. We are committed to paying it forward to help women in need.

Shop & be inspired!

10% of profits go to women in need.

As a women-owned and women-led business, we actively collaborate with various charities to help women in need across the country. Also, our products are ethically-made, sweat-shop free, eco-friendly, and produced in the USA.

Shop Comfort - Be Inspired - you deserve it!