Ethics at the Core of our Fashion Philosophy


Our grain of sand.

Since the very beginning, we were committed to producing ethically made products.

Daisy Bella is committed to paying it forward by contributing to local charities and designing ethically and sustainably. 

We ensure our products are sweatshop-free products and are made in safe, well-paid environments. 

All our tees are printed with love in Connecticut using Eco-friendly printing processes and top-quality water-based ink without a rubbery effect. 


But more important is the why. 


Daisy-Bella is a small business with a big mission. The company was founded by Mary Ann Tooker who was passionate about helping other women in need. She knew that by creating a successful business, she could use a portion of the profits to make a real difference in the lives of those who were struggling.


She started off by creating a line of ethically made, eco-friendly, and sweat-shop free products. She wanted to produce everything in the USA, ensuring that her products were of the highest quality. As her business grew, she began to collaborate with various charities that helped women in need across the country.


The charities that Daisy-Bella worked with were Ready to Empower, FIRP (Liberation Programs), Inspirica, Comfort Cases, and Girls, Inc. Each of these organizations had a different focus, but they all shared the same goal of helping women in need.


Through the sale of her products, Daisy-Bella was able to donate 10% of the profits to these charities. This money helped to provide education, housing, and job training to women who were struggling to make ends meet.


As Daisy-Bella's business continued to grow, Mary Ann's mission became more and more important to her. She knew that with each product sold, she was making a real difference in the lives of women in need. She was proud to be a woman-owned and woman-led business, and she was determined to use her success to help others.


Thanks to the support of her customers, Daisy-Bella was able to continue making a difference in the lives of women in need. Mary Ann's mission was to help others, and through her business, she was able to do just that.



Your purchase allows us to pay it forward:
10% of our profits go to charities helping women and people in need.

We have donated to several different charities – as of now, the charities we work with are Ready to Empower, FIRP (Liberation Programs), Inspirica, Comfort Cases and Girls, Inc.