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About Us

At Daisy-Bella, we believe that often, we become what we see.

This is why we design empowering spirited fashion items that inspire confidence in women of all shapes and sizes.



Meet Mary Ann.

Hi, I’m Mary Ann, founder of Daisy-Bella! I’m a business owner, dog mom, sister, aunt, and passionate designer. After working for many years in the fashion industry, and upon seeing its influence on women—in both positive and negative ways, I wanted to create a brand that would counter all the negatives. And so Daisy-Bella was born. 


And because my biggest inspirations were the women that surround me throughout life, I wanted to pay tribute to them by creating Daisy-Bella, a brand that reflects their power, beauty, and comfort on their own terms. 


Daisy-Bella is my proudest business yet! It reflects me and the many women who have found themselves searching for seamless shopping experiences when looking for comfortable, high-quality garments.







Our beliefs & values.


We inspire:
We make garments that both inspire who is wearing it and those who read our messages.
We pay it forward:
10% of our profits go to charities helping women and people in need.

We have donated to several different charities – as of now, the charities we work with are Ready to Empower, FIRP (Liberation Programs), Inspirica, Comfort Cases and Girls, Inc.  

We empower:
No matter shape, size, or age, our collections look to empower women and help them feel confident in their skin.







Why did you choose Daisy Bella for the company name?


I get this question a lot. Well, when I was browsing potential names for my business, I wanted something that would reflect why the company was created all along. That is, to give back and help others find their voice.

The daisy is a beautiful flower—that can be often overlooked. But she is just as beautiful as any exotic flower out there. At Daisy Bella, we work to empower the daisies of the world with beautiful, comfy clothing.  

To learn more about how Daisy-Bella is ethically sustainable click here.


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