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How To Overcome Your Daily Grind and Improve Your Health by Tina Martin

How To Overcome Your Daily Grind and Improve Your Health by Tina Martin

Everyone feels stuck sometimes, caught in a rut and overwhelmed by the daily grind. This can actually affect your health after a while, though, if you let it get to... Read More

8 Self-Improvement Gifts That Say I Know You Can

There are ways to make simple changes to help someone improve. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge. Maybe they like to try new things and they’re inclined to learn... Read More
DaisyBella is a body postivity brand empowering all women to be comfortable being themseleves. Being proud of their body - empowering body positive for all. The picture is of 3 different kettle bell weights.
Tips on empowering self-esteem & confidence. Daisy-Bella is a brand that promotes body postitivity. The picture is a women with dog drinking coffee while working with her laptop.

Tips to Help You Build Your Confidence

Even confident people experience some moments of low self-esteem. If you struggle with believing in yourself, take steps to improve your confidence. Being confident helps you achieve goals and live... Read More

Your Guide to Defeating the “Sunday Scaries”

Do your Sundays get bogged down by stress over the upcoming week? Then you’re probably no stranger to the Sunday Scaries! If you’re completely over facing the Sunday Scaries every week, it’s time... Read More
When you need a remibder that you are perfect the way you are - wearing inspirational shirts is a great way to give your self inspiration. A women sitting down thinking with her hand to her mouth.
looking for self love brands that will nuture you daily - Daisy-Bella is excatly what you need. Our women motivational shirts are perfect - like writing a note card to yourself. A young woman sitting down & reading a book.

Become a Better Version of Yourself

How do you feel about yourself right now? If you're feeling fantastic, that's great. But if you're like most people, you'll probably need to implement a few practices into your... Read More

Why Small Businesses Matter in Stamford: Daisy Bella

Why Small Businesses Matter Shop small, do big things for your community Why Small Businesses Matter puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and... Read More
female owned company - Daisy-bella owner with her sister
A picture of the owner of Daisy-Bella - reminding all that we are good enought. Inpiration & motivational thoughts

Conversations with Mary Ann Tooker

Conversations with Mary Ann Tooker LOCAL STORIES Today we’d like to introduce you to Mary Ann Tooker. Hi Mary Ann, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe... Read More

Start Believing in Yourself and Turn those Dreams into Reality!

  While it may come as no surprise to you, most of us seek out validation from our family and peers before we feel confident enough to pursue our inner... Read More
Daisy Bella invokes a spirit of feminine empowerment that inspires you to be your best self . . . your true self! Each of our tees, shirts and hoodies reflects the message that you want to send to yourself and to the world around you.
Daisy-Bella Is More Than The Average Clothing Company - Daisy Bella

Daisy-Bella Is More Than The Average Clothing Company

From the beginning Daisy-Bella was created to inspire, empower and ultimately give back to real women in need within the community. Our Name Daisy-Bella was inspired by the often-underrated daisy.... Read More

Fairfield County Lifestyle - Meet the Founder of Daisy-Bella

From Fairfield County Lifestyle  Meet Mary Ann Tooker, founder of Daisy-Bella , a clothing company that empowers women to find their confidence in being themselves. Based out of Stamford, CT, all... Read More
Meet the founder of - An brand that empowers women with inpirational shirts