We had the pleasure of donating our tees to these strong women of FIRP Program where they are making a change in their life. Taking steps to better themselves & their family. Liberation Programs is a great organization that offers the community many ways to guide & help in ones life. Empowering women and helping to raise healthier families are key to the creation of Daisy Bella. 


FIRP Programs – Families in Recover

 Families in Recovery (FIRP) is an inpatient program in Norwalk, CT for pregnant and parenting women with children. FIRP has been in existence since 1994 and is unique in our region. It is the only inpatient treatment program for pregnant and parenting women in Fairfield County. Mothers can have up to two children ages birth to 10 years old, and FIRP is the only inpatient program in Connecticut where mothers can bring two children up to the age of 10 into the program with them. FIRP is gender and trauma sensitive with an emphasis on individual and family needs. Throughout treatment, mothers are supported in managing challenges related to substance use disorder (SUD), building, enhancing and maintaining life skills, peer-to-peer support and accessing resources to provide safe, nurturing homes for their children and themselves as they prepare to transition back to the community.