Women and young girls are often taken for granted in the fashion industry and, too often than not, the message is that you need to be different from who you are and you need to change - now.

But not all fashion brands want to define you. Rather, they let you define your own standards. There are no standards higher than those you set yourself. That’s why you should dream big and live brave, taking every day as it comes and defining yourself in your own unique way.

You’re true to your goals and you’re dedicated to your ethics. In other words, you’re passionate about your journey of “becoming” - and you want to empower other women, too.  

Daisy-Bella understands this spirit and it embodies everything they do. From empowering t-shirts, hoodies, and bracelets, Daisy-Bella knows that expression is critical to the modern woman and just what message to send.


It’s all in the name: Daisy-Bella. Unlike a rose, a Daisy is just as beautiful but much more enduring and resilient, just like today’s modern woman. Strength and beauty are interlinked and unique, defined by each woman as she walks her path with confidence. Daisy-Bella prides itself on empowering women and girls with positive messages that uplift and inspire.


At its core, today’s fashion industry sends mixed messages at best. Daisy-Bella doesn’t send mixed messages but rather is defined by its goals to inspire today’s woman as well as the next generation of young girls.This is embodied by Daisy-Bella’s values: Inspiring, empowering, encouraging, uplifting, and paying it forward.

 Daisy-Bella seeks to inspire women and young girls through empowering messages of inner strength and beauty that encourages them or uplifting one another and pay it forward through mentor-ship and serving as an inspiration for future generations.


Going beyond clothing and accessories like t-shirts and bracelets, Daisy-Bella is a lifestyle and a mindset.  With over two decades in the fashion industry, Daisy-Bella’s team knows how to change the tenor of the conversation around women’s clothing.

 Believing that positive messages of empowerment and inspiration can signal to others like mindedness, Daisy-Bella is, above all, about a community of entrepreneurial and pioneering women that are in touch with their spirit and take strength in one another.


It’s not just about looking in your mirror every day and loving the person you see but also sending out these positive vibes to the world around you. When you radiate positivity, warmth, and inner strength, you inspire it in others at the same time.


“We Are Who We Are” perhaps best sums up this approach to life.


This dynamic graphic t-shirt is appropriate for a casual evening in or even paired with a statement suit that lets the world know you’ve arrived.

“You Are Enough,” “You Are Capable,” and “You Can Do Amazing Things” reinforce that spirit. Two of our best-selling hoodies state “Be You” and “Be Kind” while some of our favorite bracelets tell you to “Believe,” “Inspire,” and “Love.”

 As you can tell, the idea that the energy you put out into the world is the energy that you receive is at the front and center of Daisy-Bella’s iconic designs.

No matter where you are in your journey, Daisy-Bella and the community of inspiring future females it inspires will walk with you for years to come.