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In today’s world, we as women have the ability to inspire and empower those around us. A truly empowered woman is someone who is not afraid to embrace her strengths. Being empowered means you are in control of your life, aware of your capabilities, and ready to take on your biggest of dreams. Reach your full potential in life by learning to love yourself for the beautiful woman you are inside and out.

Confidence vs. Self-esteem

While these may seem similar in concept, confidence and self-esteem do not always go hand in hand. A woman can be confident to give a presentation, or walk on the run way but in order to have self-esteem a woman must truly love who she is from within.

Confidence is key to taking on each day like the boss babe you know you can be. If we are going to change the world, we have to be firm in our decisions and stand by them. At what point in your life are you going to stop listening to what others think?

“Confidence is the best outfit. Rock it! Own it!” –Iggy Azaela

Sadly, many women find themselves in denial of their own natural beauty or capabilities.  In a recent study by Dove, The Truth About Beauty: “Only 11% of girls globally are comfortable describing themselves as ‘beautiful’. While the fact still remains that a whopping 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be what the world sees as beautiful.”

Don’t Deny it, if you got it, flaunt it!

Unfortunately, we see a trend in the beauty standard today known as denialism. Based on the psychology of human behaviors, denialism is a person’s choice to deny reality to avoid uncomfortable truths. This is where self-esteem issues stem for most women. You see, women all over the world look in the mirror yet they deny all the beautiful qualities they see because our cultures have taught us that acknowledging our own beauty is vain or conceited. 

The truth is, in order to build up our self-esteem, these words of affirmation help us fall in love with ourselves just as we would with any other beautiful creature. When you look in the mirror, allow yourself to say ‘I am beautiful, strong and confident.’

You’re Free to Be You

Often times, others opinions are what matter most to us. How many times have the opinions of others affected your self-esteem in a negative way? How often have we stopped wearing that favorite shirt, lipstick, or even changed our hair because someone said ‘it didn’t look good on us’?

In order to exude confidence and self-esteem, we have to stop adapting our lives based on others criticisms. Your worth should not be determined by the thoughts or actions of others towards you. To gain back your inner goddess energy you’ll need to change your perspective in order to get rid of those negative thoughts. How do we get rid of these intrusive thoughts? By understanding that we are individually handcrafted to be unique for a reason. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Be a part of the self-love club. When you look in the mirror, see yourself for what you truly are, beautiful.

Commit To Building Your Self-Esteem

In order to be successful in any part of your life, building your self-esteem is a crucial stage of development. When you feel good about yourself, you will drastically improve many areas in your life. Having more self-esteem gives you the freedom to live a life that is anything but boring while encouraging others to do the same. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons self-esteem is beneficial and the improvements it can have on your overall satisfaction in life.

1.      Building your self-esteem will improve your relationships.

2.      Your resilience will be unmatched

3.      You’ll start to worry less about others opinions

4.      Building your self-esteem allows you to stop playing the comparison game

5.      You will go for what you want in life

6.      You won't be afraid to speak up

7.      You will be in love with you!


How Do We Stop Letting Other People’s Opinion of Us Guide Our Life?


One way we can start to let go of what others think is by boosting our critical thinking skills. Why is it important to work on our critical thinking skills? Throughout life it is important we form our own opinions and ask ourselves why these things matter, regardless of why they matter to others around us. This requires a significant amount of self-reflection or critical thinking.

Always take the opinions or advice from others with caution. Why? Just because someone tells you what they think, doesn’t make it a fact! This is simply their perspective of reality including what they think, feel or why they believe the things they’re saying. The fact is, their reality is not your own. We have to learn to trust our gut and consider our own understanding when considering the thoughts of others. The more we consider our own thoughts and feelings behind the issues, the more confidence we will have when standing up for ourselves!

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women."  — Maya Angelou




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In every woman, there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer. – Norwegian Proverb