The Magic Begins Here is a message to remind you to reflect within. Look into the mirror and see all the beauty that you are. Feel how beautiful you are in every way that makes you up. Know that the magic is you.

Life is like climbing a mountain, you find confidence each time you reach a new peak and uncertainty on the difficult paths that lead to the top. Overtime, the constant unevenness may cause self-doubt to creep into your heart and mind. In which case, you may have begun to forget your worth and no longer find the confidence you used to carry through the high points of your life. This loss of self-worth devalues your life and the beauty you carry within to the point you no longer believe in yourself. The light within you may become dim.

But, despite all that, the magic within you never fades. The magic is always there, waiting to support you on your climb and smile with you when you reach the top of your world. The uneven climb will be full of obstacles you will have to push past. However, each time you face something you’re unsure of, reflect within and let your magic lead you.

You are an incredible and beautiful woman who can stand strong through the difficulties and push forward with belief in yourself. You are capable of making it all the way up to the top. You will be the bright shining light at the top of the mountain in your own life.

In the moments of uncertainty, find confidence in knowing your inner strength will support you through the struggles and lift you up. You are strong and you are beautiful. You are your own superpower that can get you through anything. Look to yourself and believe in your magic.