Daisy-Bella is a woman-owned lifestyle clothing brand that combines fashion and woman empowerment. Our mission is to help women realize their inner strength and beauty with free-spirited styles that inspire confidence. Daisy-Bella hopes to imprint the belief in you, that who you are is your superpower. Our boho styles serve ageless, healthy, and beautiful women. Daisy-Bella believes this is every woman and aspires to instill the same belief in you.

The founding bella, Mary Ann, started Daisy-Bella because she has always wanted to be a part of the change that helps women understand and truly know that they are enough. She believes one person can make a difference in the world and for her, starting Daisy-Bella felt right.

Mary Ann decided that through Daisy-Bella she could support and inspire women in all phases of life. She feels that the most special thing about being a part of Daisy-Bella is seeing the opportunity to be the change, and then being able to do something about it. Daisy-Bella may be a small company, but we’ve found a way to make a difference in the lives of women and girls all over by partnering with organizations that take action and provide support for those who have none. Mary Ann hopes to own her own non-profit someday that will aid in education and therapy, and have a self-help center. She said being a part of the positive shift in someone’s life is a special feeling.

Daisy-Bella is a community with a heart to do good. It’s a compassionate brand run by women who hope to inspire you to believe in yourself through inspiring design on your new apparel and provides you with the way to support other women less fortunate. A portion of every purchase at Daisy-Bella is donated to women in need through different charities and women homes. It can also help send young girls to summer camp. Daisy-Bella is all about women supporting women supporting women. We are all one.

Daisy-Bella wants you to feel our passion behind putting out quality products that inspire you in whatever way you may need. We want those who partake of
Daisy-Bella to know they are a beautiful bella and they are supporting another beautiful bella.