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You're IT Daisy-Bella!

Three questions with the owner of Daisy-Bella

Why did you start your business?

Daisy-Bella was built on the idea that there’s nothing better than a group of positive, inspired women.  Our fashion encourages and empowers women and girls to be their best selves, and want all women and girls to feel confident and positive.

Our Values:

  • Inspiring – Our line is dedicated to inspiring both the people who wear our clothing and the people that see our messages
  • Empowering – Our line shares a message of empowerment with women and girls
  • Encouraging – Whatever their shape, size, or age, our line encourages women and girls to be their best selves
  • Uplifting – Our line shares uplifting messages and designs
  • Paying it Forward – Our line reaches out to others and a portion of our proceeds is always dedicated to organizations that improve the world

Now, more than ever, today’s clothing market lacks positivity. Women and girls hear and see words and graphics that reinforce subtle (and not-so-subtle) negative images – of themselves and of others.  With more than two decades in the clothing industry, I want to send a different message: I believe that women and girls are perfect – just the way they are.  Daisy-Bella is about encouraging women to look in the mirror and love the person they see... and then sharing that message with others.

Daisy-Bella is not just about positive messages. We’re also committed to paying that feeling forward in action.  When you make a Daisy-Bella purchase, part of our proceeds will be donated to DB Gives back program, donating to local charities.

Daisy-Bella is a company that has been inspired by an incredibly, strong and positive mom who reminded me & my sisters every day how very special were. This resiliency inspired me – even facing my deepest challenges.  Now I want to share this message of positivity to inspire and lift up others... through Daisy-Bella.

What is your best selling product/service?

 We strive to contribute all we can to inspire a movement, make a difference and stand for good.

Our inspirational & empowering t-shirts send positives message to remind all of us how important we - along with being soft & comfy. Each tee has a name & a philosophy behind them - for example like the 2 below ... not only sending a great message but looking very cool too.

  • Be your own kind of beautiful T-Shirt
  • We are Who We are T-Shirt

How many people do you employ? 

 It is a family business! It's myself and my husband with the help of our family.